Flex IPTV application is a new and useful application. Installation is quite simple. You can install quickly by following the instructions below.

Note: If you have any problems after installation, please contact us.


Step 1: Download the "Flex iptv" application from the appstore of your device.


Step 2: Enter the Flex iptv application by pressing the applications/home button on your remote control.


Step 3: When you log in to the Flex iptv application, take note of the "Flex ID" address in the upper right corner of the screen that opens.


Step 4: https://www.flex-ip.tv/Playlist

Click this link to go to the playlist loading screen.

Step 5: Type the "Flex ID" address you noted in the first line of the screen that appears on the link you clicked on.

- Paste the m3u plus link in your trial/subscription information we sent you on the second line.

- Click on the box next to the text "I am not a robot".

- Click on the "Submit/Update" box at the bottom.


Step 6: Restart your application.

Step 7: When you log in to your application again, your channels will be loaded.